SYNLawn is more than just synthetic turf.

We think you’ll find SYNLawn artificial grass to be more than just synthetic turf. There’s much more to it than that. SYNLawn artificial grass is a lifestyle that saves not only money and precious resources but also allows more free time for our customers for the important things in life.

Instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend our artificial landscape turf is virtually maintenance free. No more mowing! Not only will you have more free time, you’ll also save big on your water bill.

Below we have a few bullet points to outline the additional benefits of installing and why SYNLawn synthetic grass is the perfect landscaping solution.


Benefits of SYNLawn...

  • Saves water with waterless grass

  • Reduces carbon emissions with no need for running lawn mowers and other equipment

  • Over 60% of the petroleum based polyurethane in the turf's backing is replaced by soybean oil

  • Secondary backing materials are manufactured from recycled plastic water bottles

  • Lower impact on local landfills because SYNLawn products are 100% recyclable

  • Save money on lawn maintenance

  • Lawn looks green and healthy year long

  • No fertilizers are needed so groundwater is not contaminated

  • Non-allergenic

  • Clean (no grass stains or dirt tracking)

  • Everything is done "in house"

  • Eliminates run off into the Chesapeake Bay

  • SYNLawn is the only fully vertically integrated artificial grass company - they make the grass start to finish

  • The only artificial grass company with a manufacturer backed warranty

How SYNLawn artificial
grass is made.

Ever wonder how SYNLawn artificial grass is made? This is a behind-the-scenes, insiders look at the manufacturing process at SYNLawn's manufacturing facilities in Dalton, Georgia.



Made in the USA, using renewable and recyclable components that reduce our overall carbon imprint, due to its long-life expectancy.


Our exclusive EnviroLoc Technology replaces a large portion of petroleum-based polymers with bio-based polymers, such as renewable soybeans.


The choice to switch to SYNLawn not only gives you a beautiful looking lawn year round, it could also help save our planet through water conservation.

Financing Available

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