SYNLawn offers a variety of options when it comes to installing synthetic lawns. Whether you are looking for a landscaping project, sports court, pet lawn, and more we have the solution for you. While catering to the Northern Virginia region we can get exactly what you are looking for in order to get your next project finished and looking great. Using our product in this region is a benefit to our customers, by giving them the ability to save on time, money, and giving them the peace of mind that they are taken care of, and after installation they don’t need to do anything to keep their lawns looking fresh, new, and green.

When using our product, customers no longer need to spend money by keeping their lawns up to their best standards. No more watering, or fertilizing taking up your weekends. Not only that, but you also get to take out the effort and time of needing to maintain lawns. No need to spend free time cutting the grass, and maintaining the aesthetic of a perfect lawn. With SYNLawn we give you the perfect green grass that you have always dreamed of without the hassle and need to keep it up. You will now have the time to enjoy your lawn instead of having to spend time maintaining it.

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Our products offer customers the ability to build what they want where they want. While offering lawns for homes and landscaping projects, we can also make sure that your sports fields, pet areas, playgrounds, and golf courses are good to go whenever you need them to be. We have been going strong for 45 plus years, and have learned how to give our customers the best possible service. While devolving our product and company we have found a way to get our customers a product to last a lifetime. After using our product you will have the time and energy to get outside in the amazing north Virginian climate and enjoy every bit of your lawn.

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