Improve Your Storefront in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC with Commercial Artificial Grass

Improving the curb appeal of your storefront in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC is simple with realistic commercial artificial grass from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay. In the competitive world of retail, making a lasting impression on potential customers is crucial. While a well-designed storefront can certainly capture attention, incorporating commercial artificial grass from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay helps take it to the next level. Our versatile landscaping solution not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides numerous practical benefits for your retail business, including the following:

Eye-Catching Aesthetics

First impressions matter, and a visually appealing storefront can attract more customers. At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, our commercial artificial grass offers a lush, vibrant green appearance that instantly elevates the overall look of your retail space. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and makes your store stand out from the competition in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington D.C. Whether it is a fashion boutique, electronics store, or any other retail establishment, our commercial artificial turf adds a touch of elegance and freshness that can be tailored to suit your brand image.

Artificial grass dog park installed by SYNLawn

Low Maintenance & Durability

One of the greatest advantages of commercial artificial grass is its minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike conventional grass surfaces, synthetic grass from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay does not require watering, mowing, edge trimming, aerating, or fertilizing. This saves valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on core business activities. 

Additionally, our commercial-grade artificial grass is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, ensuring its durability even during busy shopping seasons. This means our turf will maintain its lush appearance throughout the year, providing a consistently beautiful storefront that never fails to impress.

Cost-Effective Solution

At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, our commercial artificial grass offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional landscaping methods in the Chesapeake Bay area. By eliminating the need for watering, mowing, and other forms of ongoing maintenance, you can significantly reduce landscaping expenses over time. Additionally, our artificial turf eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers, reducing environmental impact and potential health risks. Ultimately, investing in commercial artificial grass allows you to allocate resources more efficiently while maintaining an attractive storefront that enhances your customers’ experience.

Commercial Artificial grass lounge & relaxation area

Versatility & Customization

The team from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay offers a wide range of commercial artificial grass products, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your storefront. Whether you prefer a shorter, more manicured appearance or a longer, more lush look, we have options to suit your preferences. Additionally, our artificial grass can be installed on top of various surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and wood. This versatility enables you to transform different areas of your storefront, such as outdoor seating areas, walkways, or entrance spaces, into visually appealing and comfortable zones for your customers.

Enhanced Safety & Accessibility

Our commercial synthetic grass can help improve safety and accessibility for your customers. The soft and cushioned surface of our artificial grass aids in reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls, providing an overall safer environment, especially during inclement weather. Moreover, our synthetic turf is wheelchair-accessible, ensuring equal access for all customers. By prioritizing safety and inclusivity, you can create a positive shopping experience that fosters greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Commercial artificial grass lawn installed by SYNLawn

Eco-Friendly Solution

Choosing commercial artificial turf from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay promotes environmental sustainability. By eliminating the need for water consumption and reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, your business can contribute to water conservation and minimize harmful chemicals that impact the ecosystem. Our artificial turf is made from sustainable materials and utilizes innovative manufacturing techniques that prioritize eco-friendliness. By opting for our commercial artificial turf, you demonstrate your commitment to a greener future while still maintaining a beautiful, green storefront.

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Commercial artificial grass from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay offers an array of benefits for retail businesses looking to enhance their storefronts in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. From creating an attractive visual appeal to reducing maintenance costs, improving safety, and supporting environmental sustainability, our commercial synthetic grass is a versatile landscaping solution. So contact us today to learn more and get a quote for your storefront!

Create More Family Fun with a Backyard Putting Green or Bocce Court in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington D.C.

Residential golf greens installed by SYNLawn

At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, our team offers several ways to update and create more family fun in your backyard, including with our remarkable artificial grass putting greens and bocce courts for homes in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Many families are looking for ways to enjoy the great outdoors together. One great way to do this is by adding an artificial grass putting green or bocce court to your backyard. Not only will these additions provide hours of entertainment for both adults and kids, but they also offer a low-maintenance alternative to traditional grass that will keep your yard looking great year-round.

Artificial Grass for Backyards

For homeowners in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C., there are many benefits with artificial grass from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay. Unlike conventional grass, which requires constant mowing, watering, and other time-consuming forms of maintenance, our residential artificial turf is low-maintenance, requiring very little upkeep. This means that families can spend less time worrying about their lawn and more time enjoying it. Additionally, our synthetic grass products are durable and long-lasting, making them a great investment for families who want to create a backyard that will stand the test of time.

Backyard Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Adding an artificial grass putting green to your backyard in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington D.C. can help bring your family together. Golf is a great sport for both children and adults, and having a putting green in your own backyard allows you to practice your skills and have fun together as a family. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, home golf greens are a great way to improve your game and spend quality time with your loved ones. And with our high-quality artificial golf grass, you can be sure that your backyard golf green will look and feel just like a traditional putting green.

Artificial Grass Bocce Courts

In addition to putting greens, the team at SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay also offers artificial grass bocce courts. Bocce is a classic game that has been enjoyed by families for generations, and having a bocce court in your own backyard allows you to play anytime you want. Bocce is a great game for all ages and skill levels, and it is a fun way to get some exercise and spend time outside with your loved ones. And with our high-quality artificial grass for bocce ball courts, you can be sure that your bocce court will be smooth, durable, and easy to maintain in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington D.C.

Cost of Adding a Backyard Golf Green or Bocce Court

The cost of adding an artificial grass putting green or bocce court to your backyard can seem intimidating. While it is true that there is an initial investment involved in installing these features, the long-term benefits are well worth it! Not only will you save money on lawn maintenance, but you will also help add value to your home and create a backyard that your family will love for years to come. And with our competitive pricing and financing options, it is easier than ever to make your backyard dreams a reality by working with us at SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay!

Residential artificial grass putting green installed by SYNLawn

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Adding an artificial grass putting green or bocce court from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay is a great way for families to have more fun in their own backyard in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington D.C. Not only do these features provide hours upon hours of entertainment for both adults and children, but they also offer a low-maintenance alternative to traditional grass that will keep your yard looking great year-round. And with our high-quality artificial grass products, competitive pricing, and financing options, it is easier than ever to make your backyard dreams a reality! 

Contact us today at SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay to learn more and get a quote for your backyard!

Reimagine Your Home’s Game Room with Indoor Artificial Grass

swingers mini golf

For a modern update, SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay provides homes in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. with high-quality indoor artificial grass to help reimagine interior spaces, including your home’s game room. Our indoor synthetic turf stands out from typical surfaces like carpet or tile and can offer a more enjoyable area for your kids and pets to play in. So if you have been daydreaming about a unique game room that will have the entire neighborhood talking, consider indoor artificial grass! At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, we offer multiple products that can help make your game room a unique, attractive, and easy-to-maintain space for the whole family.

How Artificial Grass Improves Your Living Space

At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, we offer superb quality in our faux grasses. Our artificial grasses are attractive, durable, and built to last. As a result, any room in your home, including a game room, can be immediately greener and brighter. 

Some of the considerable perks of having indoor artificial grass in your home’s game room include:


The game room in a home is a great place for families to play ping pong, billiards, indoor golf, foosball, air hockey, video games, and more. This space often experiences a wide variety of games and activities. Unfortunately, many of these activities can bring plenty of wear and tear to your game room’s flooring. However, with our indoor artificial grass, it can withstand high foot traffic and wear and tear. This provides you and your family with a highly durable surface, so instead of worrying about damaging wood floors or carpets, you can focus on enjoying family time! 

Indoor Artificial Grass Dog Park

Adding a Pop of Color

Our wide variety of synthetic grasses can help provide a splash of color and contrast to your game room. This can not only help your game room stand out from other spaces in your home, but it can also add an amazing appeal for children, teens, and pets, who will be mesmerized by the ability to have an element from the outdoors inside their game room.

Easy Upkeep

Maintaining indoor synthetic turf is simple! At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, our residential artificial grass requires little work to keep in good condition – whether installed inside or outside. Unlike traditional grass, our synthetic surfacing does not need to be watered or trimmed. Instead, it maintains a consistently green and trimmed look without constant time and effort from homeowners, making it an incredibly low maintenance surface to install in a game room.  


Children and teens often love spending their time in a home’s game room. Because of this, it is crucial to make your game room as safe as possible. Thankfully, our high-quality indoor artificial grass can help! Unlike carpet, tile, or wood flooring, our synthetic turf is soft and padded, which can help absorb the impact of running feet or even potential falls. As a result, children, teens, and adults enjoying our indoor artificial grass are safer, especially from falls.  

Indoor Artificial Grass mini golf course

Compliments Indoor Plants

Whether you have a green thumb or prefer decorating with artificial plants around your home, having indoor artificial turf can help accentuate the picturesque and nature-esque environment you created. Imagine an indoor green space made more inviting with our ultra-realistic indoor artificial grass. Together, our synthetic turf and your indoor plants can bring the best parts of nature into a game room without many of the hassles of the outdoors. 

Pets Love It Too

Indoor artificial grass provides a comfortable surface for the whole family to enjoy in a game room, including pets. Like children, teens, and adults, pets also enjoy the soft texture of artificial grass. They too can appreciate being able to run, jump, play, or relax on high-quality synthetic turf. Especially turf that is installed indoors and avoids the outdoor weather, insects, and more!

Learn More About Indoor Artificial Grass Today!

At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, our indoor artificial grass is an ideal choice for game rooms and more in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Our synthetic turf is durable, adds color and a sense of nature, and is safer! It is also easy to maintain, allowing you to have more time to spend with your family playing games in the game room. 

Contact us today to learn more about our first-rate indoor artificial grass or get a quote!

Why Switch to Artificial Grass in Washington D.C.

The experts from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay offer picture-perfect artificial grass for sale and installation in Washington D.C. Our many synthetic turf products provide homes, businesses, and other properties in the area with highly beneficial surfaces – from lawns to landscapes and even putting greens. With their year-round beauty, durability, lack of maintenance, and weather resistance, our artificial grass products are ideal for use in Washington D.C.  

Artificial Grass Options From SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay

At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, we offer a variety of options when it comes to installing synthetic lawns and more. Whether you are looking for a landscaping project, sports court, pet lawn, or something else, we have a solution for you! Our many artificial turf options for residential, commercial, and other property types include:

We cater to all of the Chesapeake Bay area, and we can get exactly what you are looking for in order to get your next surfacing project finished and looking its best. 

Benefits of Making the Switch to Our Synthetic Grass

Using our artificial grass products in Washington D.C. is a benefit to our customers. Our artificial turf gives them the ability to save time and money. It also provides them the peace of mind that their new lawn, landscape, or putting green is taken care of, and that even after installation, they do not need to do much to keep their new, evergreen surface looking fresh, new, and green all year round. 

Perhaps the most significant benefit of using our synthetic turf products is that our customers no longer need to continually spend money to keep their lawns up to their best standards. So no more watering or fertilizing taking up your weekends! Not only that, but you also get to take out the effort and time of needing to maintain lawns and landscapes. So no need to spend free time cutting the grass in order to maintain the aesthetic of a perfect lawn. 

Overall, by making the switch to artificial grass with the pros here at SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, we can give you the perfect green grass that you have always dreamed of without the hassles necessary to keep it up. Instead, you will have the time to enjoy your lawn – rather than maintain it.

Weather-Resistant Artificial Lawns & Landscapes 

Properties throughout Washington D.C. are often subjected to various types of weather in any given year. From rain to persistent sunshine and even snow, grass surfaces in the district experience it all. Sadly, many of these elements can cause traditional grass surfaces to wither and die off. But fortunately, it does not need to be this way! At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, our artificial grass products are weather-resistant. In doing so, they will provide consistently lush, green looks all year round – regardless of the temperature, yearly rainfall, or even snow.  

Why Choose SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay for Artificial Grass Installation in Washington D.C.? 

At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, our products offer our customers the ability to build what they want, where they want. While offering lawns for homes and landscaping projects, we can also make sure that your sports fields, pet areas, playgrounds, and golf courses are good to go whenever you need them to be with our artificial grass installation in Washington D.C. We have years of experience selling and installing synthetic turf, and we have learned how to give our customers the best possible service. After experiencing our high-quality product, you will have the time and energy to get outside and enjoy every bit of your lawn!

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Impressive artificial grass from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay is available for sale and installation for properties in Washington D.C. Our weather-resistant artificial turf helps provide consistent beauty while eliminating common grass maintenance needs. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free quote for our industry-leading synthetic grass!

Create an Extensive Play Yard for Your Doggy Daycare Business with Artificial Pet Grass

Dogs playing on artificial grass from SYNLawn

Dogs are a part of the family at SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, and that is one of the many reasons why we are helping pet businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. improve their play yards with our quality artificial pet grass. Your doggy daycare or boarding facility will stand out when you have an extensive play space that is suitable for all of your furry clients. By installing quality synthetic dog turf, pet parents will be inspired to keep returning to your business with their precious pups! That’s because pet parents love spoiling their canine companions, which is just one of the many reasons why they take their pups to doggy daycare. So help earn the trust of clients by offering their pets a gentle, fun, and clean space for them to play!

Benefits of Artificial Pet Grass

Pet boarding facilities and doggy daycares in Chesapeake Bay can take advantage of the countless benefits our artificial dog grass has to offer.  

Although our artificial grass boasts several incredible advantages for pet businesses, we have highlighted some of the most notable:

  • Exceptional drainage rate, so water and other liquids won’t pool on the turf.
  • Recyclable and made in the USA.
  • Customization to help create the perfect pet yard for your business.
  • Low maintenance and non-toxic. 
  • Save time, water, and energy!
  • Inviting, green spaces!
Dogs taking a bath on artificial grass

Further details on the benefits of installing artificial pet turf from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay include:

Creates a Cleaner & Cooler Environment for Dogs

Unlike ordinary natural grass, artificial pet turf is easy to clean and maintain. At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, our artificial grass has outstanding liquid drainage rates. This allows it to drain and dry quickly after a rainstorm or being hosed down. In doing so, issues like muddy paws and pools of water in a play yard can become issues of the past! So say goodbye to grass stains, muddy paws, and puddles by ordering and installing artificial pet grass.

Provides a Safe Space for Play

If you’re a pet business owner, you understand that safety is a top priority when caring for animals. Fortunately, synthetic pet turf can help keep pets safer while playing. First, our artificial pet grass is equipped with heat reduction technology, so it remains cooler in warm, sunny months to help avoid burnt paws. Second, while many escape artist pups can quickly dig through the ground of natural grass play yards, the resilience of our artificial dog grass can help reduce that risk! Plus, since our pet turf is resistant to digging, it helps eliminate the possibilities for divots and holes to develop, helping prevent trip hazards that could potentially injure both humans and animals. 

Dog smiling while playing on artificial pet grass

Virtually Zero Maintenance

Artificial grass and pet turf from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay do not require any mowing or chemical treatments. This means that it is a safer, more eco-friendly, and lower maintenance option than natural grass and many other surfacing materials. We understand that pet businesses have busy schedules, and lawn maintenance is the last chore they want to worry about! Thankfully, our synthetic pet turf only needs a brief rinse down with the hose to clean it off and nothing more! This lack of maintenance with our artificial pet grass also means that business owners can save money throughout the life of the turf. Starting and running a pet business can be expensive, but with our pet turf, you’ll see a return on your investment over time. 

Additional Uses for Artificial Pet Grass

At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, our artificial pet grass makes an excellent addition to any business that welcomes pets in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. It is ideal for creating inviting, easy-to-clean play yards. However, you can also use it to outfit the front of your business with a pet-friendly, attractive outdoor aesthetic. In either scenario, our artificial turf is an exceptional way to entice new clients and impress them when they show up to drop their pet off at your place of business.

Our expert installers can add synthetic pet grass to nearly any home or business for dogs to use. This includes retail stores, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, and more! At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, we have a wide range of artificial grass options for a plethora of applications, including synthetic dog runs and even putting greens, and our professionals are happy to explore those with you.

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At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, we care about dogs and pets the same way you do, so we provide artificial pet grass for play yards at doggy daycares and other pet businesses in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality artificial grass options that offer pets, their owners, and pet businesses with numerous benefits. Contact us today to learn more or receive a free synthetic pet turf quote!

Our Pet Turf Creates Gorgeous & Cooler Pet Play Areas

You and your pets deserve a gorgeous, cleaner, and cooler area to play, so SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay provides high-quality artificial pet turf in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Sadly, many people think they cannot have the lawn of their dreams while having a pet, like a dog, but we are here to tell you that dream can be a reality. Our pet turf is incredibly practical for your furry friends and aesthetically pleasing! 

When you work with SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, our highly trained staff will help you design a specialized pet turf system to suit you and your pet or pets’ unique needs. Our process starts with selecting the exact type of turf as well as the ideal installation method. Whether this is for a home, an apartment complex, or even a park or other commercial space, SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay has a variety of options available to help address a number of needs.

Our innovative line of artificial pet grass includes:

  • Pet Platinum – Top-selling, highly durable pet turf for pet owners & commercial spaces
  • Pet Premium – Sturdy pet turf ideal for nearly any size animal for play & agility
Fake Dog Grass

With either of these beautiful options, your pet will be delighted with a vibrant green space where they can run, play, and sunbathe day after day. However, our synthetic pet turf benefits pet owners too. You too can enjoy playing with them and viewing our ultra-realistic pet turf with its natural movement and ethereal dimensions of color. With products and assistance from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, you can transform your yard into a magnificent space for you and your pets to enjoy.

Your Pets Will Love SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay’s Artificial Grass

If you are considering switching to artificial dog grass for your property, the high-quality turf from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay is the logical choice. We have almost four decades of experience and thousands of installations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. under our belt. Combine that with our industry-leading artificial turf products, and you have one fantastic investment on your hands.

With SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay’s advanced technologies and unmatched benefits, you and your pets can thrive while enjoying our artificial pet grass. Don’t settle for less when you can install high-quality dog turf from SYNLawn for your pets. Whether you desire a small synthetic dog run or a sizable play and agility area, you will be astounded at how well our artificial turf performs while staying perpetually well-manicured.

Benefits for Pets

There are so many incredible benefits with SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay’s pet turf that you don’t want to miss. With it, you can finally say goodbye to the countless problems that pet owners run into with natural grass. For example, are you tired of muddy paw prints on the carpet or unsightly holes from digging? Our artificial pet grass creates no mud and resists digging. As a result, you can have a functional yet luxurious lawn.

Some of the other key benefits of owning artificial pet grass include:

  • Easy-to-clean
  • Quick draining
  • Greater odor control
  • No watering
  • Stays cooler
  • Non-toxic
  • Recyclable
  • Inhospitable to pests like bugs and rodents
  • No grass allergens
  • Low maintenance
2 dogs playing on artificial pet grass

Synthetic pet turf from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay offers our customers and their pets considerable advantages over natural grass. Unlike many other kinds of surfaces, our pet turf is incredibly easy to clean and stays cooler – even in warm weather and consistent sunshine. As a result, it is safer and cleaner for pets and people to enjoy.  

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Artificial pet grass from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay creates ideal play areas for pets and people to enjoy in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Our synthetic pet turf can help transform indoor or outdoor areas, making them gorgeous to admire while also providing several other benefits. It is low maintenance, durable, easy to clean, and stays cooler to the touch, which helps create an inviting environment for pets and pet owners to play or relax. 

Contact us today to learn more about our artificial pet grass or get a free quote!

Mini Golf Course Installation At Swingers Golf

swingers mini golf

At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, we have recently installed artificial golf turf for a brand new, hip indoor mini golf place called Swingers, which has just opened its first US location in Washington, DC. And their patrons are amazed and are thoroughly enjoying themselves at the mini golf course. 

This was a custom-designed and professionally installed mini golf course. For this build, we worked on two courses simultaneously using our Classic Putt product for the golf course and the SYNTipede243 product for the walkways. We expertly completed our work while adhering to our strict safety protocols while under a quick timeline for their grand opening, and we are very proud of the results. 

swingers mini golf

About Our Mini-Golf Course Construction With Artificial Turf

At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, we realize the importance of how a mini golf course looks, as the look alone can have a dramatic impact on overall gross revenue. When it comes to mini golf, it is important to not only attract customers but to retain them as well. If a mini-golf course consists simply of some bushes, drab grass, and a tacky windmill, it’s unlikely to generate much interest. Essentially, if the design of the course is bland and the play is boring, a mini golf course can wind up actually losing money.

At SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, we help to create captivating mini golf courses, such as with our teaming up with Swingers, with the expert installation of our artificial golf grass. Our customized synthetic golf turf helps create an eye-catching design and can accommodate a variety of features, such as meandering streams, reflective ponds, granite boulders, changing elevations, and more. Whatever you can imagine in terms of an ideal mini golf course that captivates people, we can help to make that a reality.

swingers mini golf

Mini Golf Turf Construction

Our synthetic mini golf turf is all made at our own factory, with nothing being outsourced. Since we produce everything here in the US and have full control over the production process, our final product is of the highest quality you can find on the market. Because we control the whole process, we can implement unmatched quality control on everything we create. 

Not only does our mini golf turf look luxurious and beautiful, it is also constructed with many other helpful features. It is built to be easy to clean, have low maintenance, and be highly durable. All of these features are quite useful in terms of keeping costs down, alleviating stress, and ensuring the course can handle heavy foot traffic and use. 

swingers mini golf

Mini Golf Turf Installation

When working with you to install your customized mini golf turf for your course, we carefully consult with you to determine your exact needs. We are experts in our industry, and we will work with you every step of the way so you are aware of exactly what is going on. We have been installing artificial turf solutions for all sorts of applications for decades, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Consult With Us About Your Ideal Mini Golf Course Turf

It’s critical that you get the best artificial golf turf possible for your course, as you want it to look good and be highly durable. With luxurious and eye-catching mini golf turf, you can attract families to your business, people getting together for corporate parties, and even couples going out together on a date.

Thoroughly impress them, and positive word of mouth and repeat business can make the profits of your mini golf business surge. In addition to mini golf, we can also install a professional putting green in your very own backyard.

Simply reach out to us here for a free consultation, and we will answer any questions you have. We look forward to working with you. 

Artificial Grass for Commercial & Restaurant Outdoor Seating Areas in MD, DC, and VA

Outdoor Artificial Grass Seating Areas

SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay creates beautiful artificial grass and synthetic turf systems for commercial outdoor seating areas in MD, DC, and VA. Treat your restaurant patrons to an outdoor seating experience they won’t soon forget with our luxurious synthetic grass.

The look and feel of our synthetic grass lawns are ultra-realistic and will give your guests the experience of outdoor garden dining; without giving you the hassles or upkeep of dealing with traditional sod lawn.  Sturdy, durable and long-lasting artificial grass lawns stand up to the rigors of outdoor dining, heavy foot traffic and use. Staying green and vibrant looking regardless of the seasonal changes.

SYNLawn Artificial Grass Lawns – Restaurant Garden Dining, Outdoor Patio Dining and More

If you own a commercial business that provides outdoor dining or patio seating for your clientele and you are looking for a low maintenance option for your space, then you have found your answer with a luxurious artificial lawn by SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay

Synthetic grass is versatile and fits to a variety of uses and commercial settings. From a formal dining venue to a more casual one we can do it all. Our professional team of experts design, build and install an artificial grass oasis that stays true to your concept and vision for your space. 

Custom Designed & Professionally Installed – Artificial Grass Lawns for Commercial Seating in VA, MD and DC.

Your synthetic lawn will serve as a gorgeous foundation for your outdoor dining area. Vibrant looking synthetic grass is a great backdrop to any style. Add romantic lighting, beautiful furniture, or even live entertainment to create the perfect outdoor dining experience for your clients. 

A hyperrealistic synthetic lawn creates lovely ambiance for garden dining, and our artificial turf has the look and feel of a real grass lawn. This visual realistic look and tactile feel of real blades of grass ensures that the artificial grass makes for a highly functional and versatile blank canvas for your outdoor dining oasis.

Our artificial grass lawns are beautiful in their own right but our design experts will help you create a truly spectacular outdoor seating area. We can create one big expansive lawn or multiple outdoor dining rooms, intentionally separating different sections to create unique looks throughout the area. Which allows for the creation of different dining experiences. Even creating intimate settings with the installation of added synthetic living walls, realistic looking artificial planted gardens and more. If your restaurant focus is designed to be more family friendly we even offer playground turf solutions to safely entertain even the smallest of your dining patrons. 

Here are just a few of the types of commercial venues that can benefit from our artificial grass lawn solutions:

  • Fine Dining 
  • Casinos
  • Pub
  • Casual Restaurant
  • Food Court
  • Cafe
  • Cafeteria Outdoor Patio Seating
  • Bakery Shop Sidewalk Seating
  • Family Style Restaurant
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Midnight Diner
  • Outdoor Bar
  • Coffee House
  • Outdoor Grill
  • Sports Bar Outdoor Area
  • Mall Restaurants
  • Night Club
  • Tea parlor
  • Shopping Plaza Outdoor Dining Areas and More!
Artificial Grass Seating Areas

Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting Commercial Synthetic Lawn

Lasting for years and years, synthetic grass outdoor restaurant and patio lawns hold up well to foot traffic, spills and its even flame resistance. And flame resistance adds peace of mind, especially if you offer outdoor smoking for your clients, outdoor fireplaces, tableside candles or outdoor patio heaters. 

Full sun isn’t an issue either, as our line of artificial grass solutions feature cooling technology that allows your artificial lawn to stay cooler in the summer. And the sun rays won’t fade out your beautiful green synthetic lawn because our artificial turf is specially designed to be UV fade resistant. Making this a perfect choice for your commercial outdoor seating space without any of the mess, upkeep or frustration found with dealing with sod. 

Synthetic grass is perfect for creating an outdoor dining that requires little to no maintenance, looks great year round and holds up to heavy use.

SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay – Creating beautiful artificial lawns and outdoor seating areas, custom designed specifically for your space

Take your outdoor patio seating to the next level with a luxuriant lawn from SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay. Where our experts are well versed in the use and application of synthetic turf for commercial and outdoor dining areas. We can help you design the perfect outdoor lawn to revolutionize your client’s outdoor dining experience. Contact us today to get started on creating your outdoor dining synthetic lawn. 

Synthetic grass lawns for commercial use brings an easy low maintenance option for your indoor or outdoor space. Great for creating a lush garden feel for your diners to enjoy any time of the day or night. You can have the look of real grass without exposing your diners to grass-borne biting insects or allergens. 
If you are looking for a commercial synthetic lawn for your restaurant, cafe, bar or other outdoor seating area in VA, MD or DC call us today! Now is the time to create a memorable outdoor dining space for the ultimate dining experience for your patrons.

Artificial Grass for Front & Backyard Lawns

Get your weekend back by installing an always green and beautiful artificial grass lawn in both your front yard and backyard! Low maintenance, makes this a weekend and back saver that you can enjoy for many years to come. The lawns stay forever green, no matter the season!

Front yard curb appeal

Make your neighbors envious with your always beautifully maintained lawn that is perfectly manicured, looking as if it’s straight from the cover of the latest edition of the trendiest lifestyle magazine.

A beautiful lawn always adds extra value to your home, having a front lawn that pops with vibrant greens and lushness is sure to increase your home’s curb appeal. 

Backyard utility, multipurpose (kid and pet friendly)

Install a durable artificial grass lawn in your backyard and it will hold up to everything from rough play, to heavy foot traffic to hot summer days and cold winters. Our artificial grass is durable and designed to last, it will keep up with you and your family. Our synthetic grass is both kid playground and dog friendly

Backyards can be an extension of your living area, beautify yours with a custom designed and installed multipurpose synthetic lawn.

Budget friendly compared to traditional lawn

No more weekends spent trying to fix dead zones or brown spots, seeding or weeding the lawn. Save years of maintenance time, money AND water with a beautiful custom designed and installed artificial grass backyard lawn. 

When you analyze how many hours you spend doing lawn care or paying for maintenance, how expensive fertilizer and weed treatments are, not to mention exposure to the harsh chemicals, fuel expenses for the lawn equipment and more.

Additionally the annual water savings alone might just save you enough money for a family vacation!

Check out our photo gallery for inspiration for your new synthetic grass lawn.

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